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The Encounter Deck: A Tool To Facilitate Groups

May 22, 2014

Back in February, I was thinking about the course that I would teach in the third (now current) semester called Group Process: Theory and Practice. One of the artifacts that I inherited early in my training was a deck of cards simply called “Response” that I have used with groups for over 20 years. I… Read More

Research Updates

At MiSPP, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to engage in research activities. The research involved may be independent or as part of a team and may result in publication or presentation. The following activities are currently underway at MiSPP: Dr. Ryan Blackstock (Core Faculty) has developed and prototyped a deck of cards called Encounter…. Read More

What Is Your Question?

May 9, 2014

Taking the opportunity to read a women’s magazine recently while on a long flight, I was struck by the title of the Editor’s column “What’s Your Question?” (Lesley Jane Seymour, More Magazine, May 2014). The editor was reporting on a conference focusing on women’s issues at Duke University, and specifically on a presentation, “The Heart of… Read More

Dr. Brene Brown and Shame & Vulnerability

April 30, 2014

You can’t travel far these days without someone mentioning Dr. Brené Brown and her TED talks on shame and vulnerability. I was first exposed to Brené Brown’s work when Hazelden published my book and I was on a five city speaking circuit with her. I was the new kid on the block, thrown in with… Read More

Making Sense of Violence and Trauma Among Youth

April 17, 2014

MiSPP’s Clinical Training Administrator, Dr. Jill Castro, appeared Tuesday morning (April 17, 2014) on WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show to discuss the topic of youth violence, trauma, and how adults can help. She spoke with the show’s host, Craig Fahle, and Kari Walker, President and CEO of The Guidance Center. Listen to their conversation  … Read More

Working With Transgendered Clients

April 1, 2014

In the years that I’ve worked with the transgender community, two words describe what I’ve observed: bravery and loss. Bravery because these are people who are taking steps toward self-actualization and becoming the people that they truly are instead of taking the easy way out and remaining hidden in order to conform to society’s norms…. Read More

Women Psychologists: Yesterday and Today

March 24, 2014

The following article is a summary of a study published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology in 2012 titled, “Women Psychologists: Multiple Paths, Similar Yet Distinct Identities.” It was authored by one MiSPP faculty member and five MiSPP students who utilized the Consensual Qualitative Research Model (CQR). The participants were Marjorie Scott, Frances Brown, Karen… Read More

What is Neuroscience and Why Should I Care?

March 10, 2014

Neuroscientists study the actions of individual neurons and groups of neurons called networks or circuits which drive every activity of humans and animals. Some of the functions they study are: learning and memory, language, attention, emotions, thinking and reasoning, consciousness,  imagination, empathy and attachment, identity formation from a neurobiological level, and movement to name a… Read More

Alumni Newsletter- February 2014

February 27, 2014

  Message From the President Do you know that there are over 1200 alumni that have graduated from our programs?  It is remarkable to realize that so many professionals have emerged from this unique institution, grounded in humanistic and existential tenets and qualitative research paradigms. I wonder if your experience here was meaningful. I wonder… Read More

Important EPPP Reminders for Alums

February 24, 2014

**All 2009 PsyD grads must take and pass the EPPP exam before July 31, 2014** Implications of DSM-V Publication on EPPP Content: All questions on the EPPP through July 31, 2014 related to the DSM will refer to the DSM-IV.  **Beginning August 1, 2014, all DSM items on the EPPP will refer to the DSM-V. Exam administrations through… Read More