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MA Student Spotlight

Lori Garfinkel

Program:  PTMA & Certificate in the Psychology Aging & Well-beingGarfinkel, Lori

Favorite book (non-academic): Plain Song by Kent Harut
Favorite study spot:  On my boat!
My prized possession: My hiking boots!
3 things I have with me at all times: Phone, snack, celtic salt
Favorite saying: “All things done in their right time; One day is worth three.”

What is your favorite TV show? Fraiser – I love the dichotomy of the brothers’ self-perception and their history with a blue collar parent and an academic parent.  I love the way they falter daily in their pristine lives.
What would people be surprised to know about you? My BS is in engineering.
What is a cause that you’re passionate about? Being well during end of life.
What brought you to MiSPP? My good friend Ellen was a student at MiSPP.  She was amazing to my family and helped me recognize the importance of seeing your identity and building from there.

PsyD Student Spotlight

Lida BisharaBishara, Lida

Hometown: Warren, MI
Program: PsyD 

Favorite book (non-academic): The Help by Kathryn Stockett 
Favorite study spot:  Library
My prized possession: My violin
3 things I have with me at all times:  Planner, hand sanitizer, nail file
Favorite saying: Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

What is your favorite TV show?: Friends
What would people be surprised to know about you?: I play in an orchestra and I have been playing the violin for 15 years.
What is a cause that you’re passionate about?: I am passionate about learning and understanding more about multicultural issues.  I would enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures and worldviews.
What brought you to MiSPP ?: I feel the school’s humanistic aspect fits well with my personality.  I also enjoy the personalized feel to the school which is apparent in the faculty and staff.

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