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Cost of Attendance

For purposes of calculating eligibility for financial aid, MiSPP estimates the annual Cost of Attendance (COA) based on allowable projected expenses. The COA calculation includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, estimated loan fees, and other indirect expenses such as room and board, transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses. All students will receive the same allowances for each expense category, excluding tuition and fees. The COA establishes the total amount of financial aid that may be available.

*Students may choose to seek financial aid only for the direct costs of tuition and fees, highlighted in bold below. MiSPP reserves the right to adjust the Financial Aid Award based on actual enrollment.

Adjustments for COA may be made on a case-by-case basis to cover extraordinary expenses, such as child care or medical costs. Students may request a COA evaluation by providing current documentation of expenses with a written explanation of unusual circumstances to the Financial Aid Office.

Federally required statistics and information for the Applied Behavior Analysis certificate are available here. That disclosure contains the full cost of completing the certificate.  Whereas the COA listed below includes only the first year (three semesters) of the certificate.

2017-2018 COA (August – July)

Yr 1
18 credits
Yr 2
29 credits
47 credits
Yr 1
13 credits  
36 credits
Tuition and Fees*
12,372* 20,926* 32,518*  9,950* 35,871*
Books & Supply 2,341 2,341 3,934 933 2,583
Room & Board 15,984 15,984 15,984  15,984 15,984
Personal Misc. 6,798 6,798 6,798  6,798 6,798
Transportation 1,361 2,722 4,082  678 2,900
Estimated Loan Fees 220 220 2,058  0 1,788
Total Estimated COA per year 39,075 48,990 65,373  34,344 66,231


*Students may choose to seek financial aid only for the direct costs of tuition and fees.