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Joseph White, PhD Memorial

November 28, 2017

Joseph L. White, PhD had a profound impact on the field of psychology during his lifetime.  Among his many accomplishments, Dr. White was Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine and was a founding member of the Association of Black Psychologists.  Throughout his career, Dr. White focused on supporting people of color and “championing… Read More

Part I: Sleep Disorders & Dreams

November 21, 2017

Margaret Sartori, PhD, LP was intrigued by the flyer for a one-day seminar in August (presented by Gary Massey, PhD, LCSW-S, LPC-S, LMFT-S) about hallucinations, visions and intrusive images.  In this first part of a two part series, Dr. Sartori shares some of what she learned and how it applies to her clinical practice.   … Read More

TLLP Extension Update – SB634 Moves to the House!

November 10, 2017

At the end of October, President Blau reached out to the MiSPP community to share an update on Senate Bill 634 that would eliminate the December 31, 2017 TLLP expiration date and allow a more reasonable timeframe for fulfilling licensing requirements.  SB 634 has since been approved by the Senate Health Policy Committee and passed the… Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Shannon Chavez-Korell, PhD

November 8, 2017

Shannon Chávez-Korell, PhD joined MiSPP as a Core Faculty member in August. Prior to joining MiSPP, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for 10 years.  Dr. Chávez-Korell also currently serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Counseling Psychology and Journal of Latina/o Psychology. Where did you grow up? I… Read More

Cultivating Mindful Self-Compassion

November 1, 2017

Ronda Diegel, PhD, LP will present Cultivating Mindful Self-Compassion on November 15 as part of the MiSPP Continuing Education (CE) series.  In this blog, Dr. Diegel explains the personal and professional interest in self-compassion that led her to create the workshop. During the 2013-14 academic year, I participated in the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy’s 9-month certificate program, Mindfulness… Read More

TLLP Extension – A Call to Action

October 26, 2017

Update (2/15/2018) SB 634 has been signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder.  Details of Public Act 24 will be available soon here. Update: (11/10/2017) SB 634 has been approved by the Senate Health Policy Committee and passed the State Senate by a vote of 37-0.  The next step is for SB 634 to move to… Read More

The Seasonal Psychologist: On Samhain

October 25, 2017

The Seasonal Psychologist is a year-long series by Pagan Psychologist Betz King.  Each piece corresponds to one of the 8 Pagan Sabbats, or holidays, while exploring ways to use the symbolism of the season for personal growth and in clinical practice. I conceptualize both my personal development, and that of my clients, within the framework… Read More

The Metta Yoga Project – Q&A with Ronda Pretzlaff Diegel, PhD, LP

October 24, 2017

MiSPP is pleased to welcome The Metta Yoga Project to campus on November 18.  Metta Yoga is a wellness based fundraising campaign founded and hosted by Ronda Pretzlaff Diegel, PhD, LP, who, in addition to being an adjunct faculty member at MiSPP, is a licensed clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and mindfulness meditation teacher.  Dr. Diegel… Read More

Things Left Unsaid: The Power of Cultural Competence

October 17, 2017

Sometimes in therapy it’s the things you don’t have to say that make the difference. Unspoken understandings that can be communicated with a look or a gesture truly make the experience meaningful and help connect the client with the therapist. This is why cultural competency is so important. Each culture, and even sub-culture, has unwritten… Read More

Reflections from President Blau: Heroes

October 10, 2017

Our monthly blog feature from Dr. Diane Blau, President of The Michigan School, discussing what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding The Michigan School and the field of professional psychology.  There is something about the human spirit that appears when least expected and goes beyond all expectations.  These acts were evident during the… Read More