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Moodle Resources

MiSPP uses Moodle, a learning management system, to host our syllabi and coursepack readings.

Logging into Moodle

Open the Moodle Login page: https://moodle.mispp.edu

Login using the first part of your mispp.edu email for the username and your Empower/email password.

For example, if your email is student12@mispp.edu then:

Username: student12
Password: same as your MiSPP Empower/email password

Using Moodle

When you login to Moodle you will see your own personal home page. The names of the classes you are enrolled in will be listed here.

Moodle- my courses with notes


Inside a Course

Click on a course name to find the syllabus and any coursepack readings or extra resources provided by your instructor.

main course view with notes


View of coursepack reading

coursepack view with notes