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Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all admissions materials as early as possible. Incoming students in the PsyD program begin in the fall semester only and interviews begin after the February 15th application priority deadline (after the priority deadline has passed contact the Admissions Coordinator to discuss the availability of seat openings). MA and MA with Applied Behavior Analysis concentration program has rolling admissions so there is no specific application deadline, we will accept candidates until all of our seats are full. Therefore, we highly encourage submitting applications as early as possible. Use the button below to apply for the PsyD, MA or MA with Applied Behavior Analysis concentration program.

Click here to apply specifically to the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (note: masters degree required).


“It is incredible to look back to my early experiences as a Master’s student and to notice how much my world has since expanded. My personal and professional expansion has much to do with MiSPP’s culture, which understands the original meaning of the word educate (educare): “to bring forth.” As a result, my growth feels like it is mine, because it has been brought forth from that which has been with me all along. As I approach the last year of my doctoral experience, I feel confident and well- prepared for the complex clinical encounters ahead.” -Troy Piwowarski, PsyD Program

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