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Betz King, PsyDBetz King, PsyD
Associated Faculty

Office phone: 248.476.1122, ext. 113
E-mail: [email protected]

Betz King is an associated faculty member in MiSPP’s master’s program. As an MA program faculty member, she teaches courses related to clinical work, such as: Existential and Phenomenological Psychotherapy, Clinical Skills, Foundations of Psychopathology, Core Concepts in Humanistic Psychology, Key Processes, and Group Process. Dr. King has published and presented on a variety of psycho-spiritual topics at conferences, such as APA Division 32 (The Society of Humanistic Psychology) and The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.

A practicing psychotherapist for over 15 years, Dr. King’s interest lies in the intersection of psychology and spirituality. Her clinical specialties include existential psychotherapy, women’s empowerment, religious and spiritual concerns, and group therapy.  She also offered animal assisted therapy with her yellow Labrador, Paisley, and remains interested in animal assisted interventions.


  • PsyD, Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • MA, Center for Humanistic Studies
  • BA, University of Michigan-Dearborn


  • Licensed Psychologist – Michigan

Areas of Interest

  • Women’s issues
  • Transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Existential psychotherapy
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Group theory and therapy

Select Presentations

King, B. (2018).  Beans, greens and cornbread: Remembering and not remembering.  In R. Bargdill (Chair), Extending the table: a multicultural immersive discussion.  Poetry reading at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO. 

Belton, G., Brown, V., Darling, K., Jackson, T., Kamens, S., Kass, S., … Vallejos, L. (2018). #ustoo: An experiential uniting through the pain of America’s rape culture. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO.

King, B. (2018). Therapy as ritual: Sacred intentionality in the 50-minute hour.  Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO.

King, B. (2018). The Seasonal Psychologist. [Weblog]. Retrieved from https://mispp.edu/seasonal-psychologist

King, B., & Brennan, J. (2017).  Who let the dogs out: Clinical and forensic implications of the rapidly growing Emotional Support Animal (ESA) movement. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

King, B., Duberstein, A., & Dluzynski, J. (2017). Unleashed: Communication of emotionally charged topics between individuals with differing political viewpoints.  Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

King, B., & Brown, V. (2017). Spiritually integrated psychotherapy. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

King, B., Brown, V., Larson, P., & Spaeth, D. (2016). The intersection of humanistic psychology and pagan spiritual identity: Personal and professional perspectives. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

King, B., & Brown, V. (2016). Ceremonies of healing: An experiential use of ritual in psychotherapy. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

King, B. (2013). Contacting the priestess/priestess within: Ceremonia, creation, facilitation and celebration: 4-part workshop. Presentation at Betz King & Associates, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B., & Diegel, R. (2012). Opening to authenticity: Yoga, meditation, & compassionate self-inquiry.  Presentation at Song of the Morning Retreat Center, Vanderbilt, MI.

King, B. (2011). The sanctified womb: Embodied spiritual empowerment through the use of psycho-spiritual ceremony. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

King, B. (2010).  The sanctified womb ceremony.  Presentation at Association for the Study of Women and Mythology Annual Conference, Bangor, PA.

King, B. (2010). Women’s empowerment: The power of feminine energy: MISPP wellness series. Presentation at Farmington Community Library, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B. (2009). A psycho-magical exploration of the shadow. Presentation at Convocation 2009, Troy, MI.

King, B. (2008).  Leaving Oz: The integration of head, heart and body. Presentation at
Convocation 2008, Troy, MI.

King, B. (2007).  Dialectical behavioral therapy. Presentation at Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B. (2006).  Emotional intelligence for geniuses. Presentation at South Eastern Michigan MENSA, Southfield, MI.

Select Publications

King, B. (in press). …On mothering and being mothered. In L. Hoffman, M. Moats, & T. Greening, yet to be titled book of pet loss poetry.

King, B. (2013). Of goddesses and fools. About Place Journal, 2(2). Retrieved from: http://aboutplacejournal.org/earth-spirit-society/betz-king-ii-ii/

King, B. (2012). Inspiration and invocation: Creating a ritual with the triple-goddess Brigid. In P. Monaghan & M. McDermott (Eds.), Brigit: Sun of womanhood. Las Vegas, NV: Goddess Ink.

King, B. (2011). Guanyin: Goddess of embodied compassion. In P. Monaghan (Ed.), Goddesses in world culture: Vol. 1. Asia and Africa (pp. 129-140).Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.  

King, B. (2012). Following the spirit of the law, in spirit.  In ABC-CLIO (Ed.), World religions: belief, culture, and controversy. Retrieved from

King, B. (2008). A four and a nine crawl into bed. TALK Journal: Journal for the Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition, 16(1), 18-19.    

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association
    • Division 32 – Society of Humanistic Psychology
    • Division 33 – Society for the Psychology of Women
    • Division 36 – Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • Association for the Study of Women and Mythology
  • Association for Transpersonal Psychology
  • Therapy Dogs International

Q & A

  • Why did you choose to enter the field of psychology?

I have always resonated with the existential challenges of being.  The field of psychology gave me a language to describe those challenges, as well as a roadmap to navigate them.   In liberating myself from suffering, I unearthed a desire to liberate others as well. I believe the greatest gifts one person can give another are the abilities to self sooth, self reflect and self actualize.

  • Describe your clinical philosophy:

I believe that the therapeutic relationship between a client and a therapist is a powerful opportunity for growth and change.  I use this relationship to educate clients in three areas:  relationship to self, others and authentic self actualization.  With greater mastery of these realms, clients experience radical self-transformation, regardless of the presenting issue.

  • What advice would you give to a student entering The Michigan School of Professional Psychology?

In everything you do and say – not just your course work – you are communicating who you are.  Be mindful of this communication.  Pay as much attention to the process of your education as you do to the content of your classes. Leave your comfort zone.  Establish relationships with faculty and staff.  Seek mentorship.  Take time for self care.