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Multiple Means of Knowing and Discovering

Human science research provides a pathway for faculty and students to engage in the scientific study of the phenomena of human experience. At MiSPP, research is broader than a paper, a presentation or a dissertation — faculty and student research is foundational to learning and to contributing to the field of psychology.

MiSPP’s research stance is one of curiosity and inquiry that supports a variety of ways of knowing. Students and faculty seek knowledge, understanding and solutions; a human quality of curiosity that is cultivated through the exploration of questions.

Students develop skills for practical application and lifelong learning….

Research creates a bridge between theory and practice. As students progress through their educational experience they become critical consumers of the broad body of scientific research and develop a lifelong appreciation and commitment to scholarship. A focus on empirical research prepares students for evidence based practice and for articulating how their clinical interventions are supported by research.

Students fulfill program requirements through course work and by conducting professionally and personally relevant scientific inquiry that leads to the ability to present, publish and inform career development. Students are encouraged to explore deeper, discover new knowledge and learning, and to follow their interests as they grow in the profession. Through the experience of conducting research, students build collaborative relationships, further develop their writing and presentation skills, and enhance their effectiveness as clinicians.

A culture of inquiry….

At MiSPP, a culture of meaningful inquiry is created by encouraging students to pursue research of personal interest. Faculty serve as mentors to students and provide them with opportunities to be part of a team that conducts clinically purposeful research studies. Students are encouraged to publish and present their research at professional conferences alongside faculty, noted scholars, and practitioners in the field.

MiSPP’s longstanding tradition of qualitative inquiry allows for the exploration of human development and behavior through scientific study and application of qualitative research models. Within the quantitative paradigm, students develop competence in psychological measurement, statistical analysis and interpretation of data. Students also are encouraged to explore mixed method research models, allowing for the full investigation of phenomena through the integration of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

“Being involved with the research team has contributed so much to my professional growth. I  am now more competent in how to fill out an IRB, how to conduct research, make surveys, interpret results, make posters, etc. The research team work helped prepared me for my current statistics class and ultimately will come in handy when the time for dissertation work finally arrives. Being a part of a team makes me feel accomplished in that I am able to work with my cohort, be challenged, and build myself as a professional.” – Derek Zuhlke, PsyD Program