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Name Change Procedures

Current students should complete the Name Change Form with the Office of the Registrar and submit required legal proof of name change, such as marriage license, driver’s license, passport, divorce papers, etc. These must be submitted in person.

Textbook List & Costs

The federal “Higher Education Act” was reauthorized by the passage of the “Higher Education Opportunity Act” (HEOA) in August 2008. Section 133 of this act requires institutions of higher education to provide textbook information as part of its online schedule of classes in order to provide increased transparency of overall textbook costs.

As of July 1, 2010, MiSPP is required to make available to students textbook information for all courses and to include both ISBN numbers and pricing information if available. This information must be included with MiSPP online class schedule, and must be viewable by students in advance of registration for any given academic term.

It is understood that faculty may not know with certainty before an upcoming term what courses they may be teaching for that term or they may not have determined or updated the required textbook lists for their classes. Given that HEOA 2008 Section 133 requires compliance “[t]o the maximum extent practicable,” faculty should make their best effort to supply MiSPP with reliable textbook lists by the established dates. Courses will be marked with the designation “To Be Determined (TBD)” when textbook information is unavailable. Up-to-date textbook information will be posted as soon as MiSPP has received the instructor’s revised listing.

See current list of required texts

Updating Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar maintains addresses and phone numbers for currently enrolled students. It is important for all students, especially international students, to keep their addresses and phone numbers current with the university. You can check the address and phone number on file with the registrar in Empower. If you need to update your current mailing address or phone number, use the online Update Contact Information Form.