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Apply for Financial Aid


Students may rely upon a variety of financial aid sources to fund their education. Financial aid for graduate students is primarily in the form of federal loans. MiSPP participates in the federal Direct Loan program. Grants and scholarships may also be available.  Student loans at MiSPP are borrower initiated. The student begins the process by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and then by completing an online loan application.

Requirements for student loan eligibility include US Citizenship or permanent residency, no previous loan default, maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (during enrollment), and minimum half-time enrollment status as defined by the academic policy.

To log into FAFSA.gov or StudentLoans.gov you must create an FSA ID if you have not already done so.  There is a link to create an FSA ID located above the green Log In button at StudentLoans.gov.  The Department of Education has a nice video with instruction regarding how to create an FSA ID.

The StudentLoans.gov  website provides a link for FAFSA completion (found in white on the center of the page). Use the GREEN LOG IN button to apply for loans and complete loan counseling.

Submission of the FAFSA notifies the school of your interest in receiving information about federal loans. At the graduate level, there are no Pell grants. Completion of the FAFSA does not secure loans. FAFSA verifies your identification and citizenship information between the Social Security Administration and Department of Education to report your eligibility status to the school.

Steps to Apply

Create an FSA ID if you don’t have one (see above video link). Then go to StudentLoans.gov to complete these steps in sequential order:

Students must complete a new FAFSA each calendar year for the upcoming fall.  The MiSPP school code is G21989. Graduate students are independent and do not need to complete “Parents” sections.

2. Entrance Counseling
Loan entrance counseling is required for all borrowers attending MiSPP for the first time. Failure to complete this step will result in a delay in loan processing.

3. Master Promissory Note For Stafford Loans
Students must electronically sign a promise to pay and include 2 references (alternate contacts) to secure up to a $20,500 gross loan (fees apply).

4. Complete Plus Application
(Applies only if cost of attendance/enrollment permits an additional loan.)
Dependent upon loan coverage needed, this step may be skipped. This step is two-part involving a credit check and electronically signing a Graduate PLUS Promissory Note.

5. Award Letter
This acknowledgement letter confirms loan eligibility. Loan disbursements are scheduled in conjunction with tuition due dates once the signed award letter is returned. Within 14 days of the start of each semester, any refund checks for excess funds are issued to students.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Timeline