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Subfields of Psychology

With So Many Subfields of Psychology, Where Do I Fit? There are many subfields of psychology and, for prospective students; it can be difficult to determine which subfield is “the best fit.”  While researching the various available subfields and graduate programs in psychology, students are often confronted with contradictory information between pop-culture definitions and specific… Read More

Bullying and Sexual Minorities

Not surprisingly, sexual minorities are at higher risk for mental health disorders. Gay youth ages 14-21 are significantly more likely to report depression and anxiety then their straight peers. Substance abuse within these groups is often double, triple or even quadruple the rates found in the heterosexual population. And in addition to alcohol and drug… Read More

Mental Illness and Violence Today

In today’s court of public opinion we often find mental illness associated with acts of violence. Highly publicized mass killings, such as the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown Connecticut last year, often cause the public to associate mental illness with acts of violence.  As mental health professionals we are often asked to… Read More