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DIA @ MiSPP: Visual Thinking Strategies

October 25, 2016

On September 29, MiSPP was pleased to host Rebekka Parker of the DIA for a workshop on how to use Visual Thinking Strategies in clinical psychology. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Michigan School for Professional Psychology (MiSPP) and share some of the work we do in the Education Programs… Read More

Reflections from President Blau: Reunion and Celebration

September 27, 2016

Our monthly blog feature from MiSPP President, Dr. Diane Blau, discussing what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding MiSPP and the field of professional psychology.  It was a beautiful fall Saturday in downtown Detroit.  Upon entering the Guardian Building, graduates from more than 35 years of the school’s history were awed by the… Read More

Play in Everyday Life

MiSPP is beginning a new chapter in student engagement that will take a clinical approach to programming.  Each month, students will have the opportunity to engage in activities on campus to deepen their understanding of one of the key Humanistic values to compliment and deepen their academic experience.  September’s theme is “Creativity.”  President Blau writes… Read More

Do the work so you know what it looks like

September 13, 2016

“You look miserable.” Dr. Blackstock smiles at me as I walk into his afternoon class.  I think I may have glared at him.  And he kept on smiling cheerfully and looking at me with his trademark “I accept you unconditionally” look.  You get a lot of that at MiSPP.  The professors here go beyond the… Read More

Student Reflection: Research collaboration using qualitative analysis

September 6, 2016

Over the past few years I have had the remarkable opportunity to work with an excellent team of practitioners, scholars, and researchers toward the publication of “Surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Pilot Qualitative Survey Study of Survivors” in the Journal of Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management. This collaboration between me, Dr. Kelly Sawyer from the… Read More

Reflection: The experience of being a first year doctoral student at MiSPP

August 24, 2016

Being a first year doctoral student at MiSPP provided me with significant personal and professional growth that I never anticipated. The first day of class was anxiety provoking as it was saturated with anticipation of how the program worked and who would be a part of my incoming class.  As though our anxiety was not… Read More

Presence Alone: Learning the basics over and over

August 8, 2016

One thing I didn’t consider about my new career as a psychologist was how precious my client facing hours would become.  All through my training at MiSPP, we discussed and labored over how to be with our clients: how to listen and really hear, how to use nonverbal cues to learn even more, how to challenge and… Read More

Reflections from President Blau: Our calling in response to terror

July 29, 2016

Our monthly blog feature from MiSPP President, Dr. Diane Blau, discussing what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding MiSPP and the field of professional psychology.  It seems that news of another shooting with numerous injuries and multiple deaths constantly blares out at us. Whether by bomb, knife, or gun, there seems to be… Read More

End of Year Message from Dr. Blau

July 14, 2016

Dear Students, “Always leave them wanting more” is a famous adage in entertainment, and while entertainment is not our goal, it does fit for learning too. The desire to know more is a key motivator for ongoing professional development. Soon you will have completed the 2015-2016 academic year.  I hope this year contained many such… Read More

Beyond the Education: Paying It Forward

July 12, 2016

When I agreed to write about why I volunteer at MiSPP, I didn’t think that it would be this hard to do, but, I’m really finding it difficult to put my feelings into words so that I can explain why. If I had to start somewhere, it would be with one of my favorite quotes,… Read More