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PsyD Program Goals and Objectives

PsyD Student Admissions, Outcomes & Other Data

Goal 1:  Students acquire a comprehensive knowledge base in the scientific foundations of psychology and are prepared to utilize this knowledge as practitioner-scholars

Objective 1.1: Students demonstrate understanding of historical foundations of psychology

Objective 1.2: Students demonstrate knowledge in the scientific foundations of professional psychology

Objective 1.3: Students demonstrate knowledge of human development across the lifespan

Objective 1.4: Students demonstrate an understanding of humanistic psychology and its integration with contemporary theories and practice

Objective 1.5: Students demonstrate knowledge of ethical and professional standards 

Goal 2:  Students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent clinicians who integrate contemporary theories and research findings with practice in order to be proficient in evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, intervention and outcome evaluation

Objective 2.1: Students demonstrate knowledge and experience in relationship skills required for competent clinical practice

Objective 2.2: Students demonstrate knowledge and skills in assessment, diagnosis and evaluation

Objective 2.3: Students demonstrate knowledge of clinical evaluations as well as the ability to critically evaluate and apply clinical interventions

Objective 2.4: Students demonstrate the ability to integrate psychological theories in professional practice

Objective 2.5:  Students acquire knowledge and skills in supervision and consultation

Goal 3: Students acquire knowledge of psychological research and how it informs clinical practice

Objective 3.1: Student demonstrate knowledge of research methods and the application of research literature

Objective 3.2: Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies

Objective 3.3: Students demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research

Objective 3.4: Students apply knowledge of relevant research in clinical practice

Goal 4: Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of cultural factors relevant to diversity

Objective 4.1: Students demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of perspectives and needs of diverse individuals and communities

Objective 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding of the importance of community service and foster the ability to work with diverse individuals and communities

Objective 4.3: Students demonstrate the ability to work with diverse populations