ABA Clinical Training

MiSPP’s ABA certificate program combines 18 credit hours of coursework approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) and a 1000-hour practicum experience.

Students obtain 250 practicum hours per semester across four semesters while engaged in behavior analytic activities with various clients. Practicums are conducted in various settings such as outpatient clinics, in-home ABA agencies, schools, and hospitals where students will learn and apply behavior analytic strategies. Clients may include individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities, and/or behavior problems. Practicum placements may be paid positions, volunteer learning opportunities, or may consist of a combination of paid and unpaid hours. MiSPP will assist students in the process of identifying and interviewing for appropriate practicum placements.

Students must commit to a minimum of 20 hours of practicum experience per week. This includes (at least) 18 experience hours, 1 hour of individual supervision (provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst employed at the practicum agency), and 1 hour of small group supervision (provided by MiSPP faculty).